Now More than Ever: End Israel's occupation and PA's corruption for a change ... No victory without Unity, Transparency and Accountability ... Real peace, so that Our Children Can Live Better  ...


"Unless this intifada achieves internal reform of Palestinian society, it cannot be deemed a success. The [Al-Aqsa] Intifada showed the Palestinians have not surrendered -- that they are still prepared to fight for their rights. But we should also be fighting for democracy, the rule of law, proper and accountable  institutions and human dignity. Without these, I'm afraid this intifada  could end up the same way as the last one, not with victory but with Oslo."
Hussam Khader - quoted in Al Ahram Weekly, January 30, 2001
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The following are some of the views often expressed by Hussam Khader, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and head of the Committee for the Defense of the Palestinian Refugees. He has recently been arrested and imprisoned by the Israeli forces.


Mr. Khader warned about the devastating consequences of Israelís policies of siege and collective punishment on the fate and the future of the Palestinian people. He has always maintained a strong connection with the masses, and continued his struggle against Israelís brutal occupation, penetration and intervention in Palestinian daily life that, to say the least, continues to hinder the achievement of Palestiniansí ultimate national goals of establishing an independent Palestinian state located alongside the state of Israel. Over much of the past decade, while challenging Israelís propaganda campaign and its brutal policies centered towards the Palestinians, Khaddar was also engaged himself, along with other honest Palestinian leaders, in confronting the rising phenomenon of corruption, misuse of authority and outright betrayal of the Palestiniansí rights, as often revealed in the practices and performances of certain senior leaders who were affiliated with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). In response to such disturbing developments, he, along with others like him, began questioning the priorities of the PNA and its leadership. In so doing, Hussam established a reputation for challenging president Yassir Arafat for not being actively engaged in putting an end to Palestiniansí corruption that, among other things, has hindered Palestiniansí efforts to establish accountable and democratic institutions in the Palestinian territories. At the same time, Hussam continued calling upon Palestinians to struggle in order to force Israel into recognizing Palestiniansí fundamental national rights, which include independent statehood, sovereignty in Arab East Jerusalem and securing refugeesí right for return in accordance with a number of UNSC Resolutions, notably UN Resolution 191.


Khader has called upon Arafat numerous times to carry out his duties as a representative leader by launching a real Intifada that would put an end to Palestinian corruption, along with continuing the struggle against Israelís policies, and thus, bring a true and real end to the despair and hopelessness that continues to confront Palestinians in the territories, as well as the Diaspora. On one occasion, Khader boldly demanded from Arafat to look deeper into the problem of corruption that surrounds senior leaders affiliated with the PA.


While doing so, Khader has expressed that Palestinians in general need to pursue more peaceful methods when dealing with each other and never resort to the use of violence or taking the law into their own hands when dealing with corrupt leaders and/or confronting alleged collaborators. Khader believes that Palestiniansí ability to confront Sharonís policies and Israelís occupation in general can only be maintained through unity, accountability and transparency that must be established and thus, redefine the relationship between the Palestinian people and their leadership.

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