Kampagne zur Befreiung von Marwan Barghouti

und allen palästinensischen politischen Gefangenen

März 2003

Free the Parliamentarian Hussam Khader

To: The Government of the State of Israel

We, people from all over the world, hereby declare our protest against the arrest of the member of the palestinian parliament Hussam Khader, on March 17th 2003, by the Israeli occupation forces. Since his arrest he has been subject to brutal psychological and physical torture.

Hussam Khader is the second member of the Palestinian Legislative Council to be arrested, after Marwan Barghouthi. This arrest violates International Law as well as all agreements that protect cilvilians under occupation. It also violates an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Government that prohibits the arrest of a member of Parliament.

We appeal to the world's parliamentarians, to fulfill their duty and to ask for Hussam Khader, Marwan Barghouthi and all other political prisoners to be freed.


The Undersigned

siehe: www.petitiononline.com/Khader/petition.html


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